5 Musical Instrument Apps for iPhone

The best thing about having an iPhone is that app-makers and developers always have something new to offer. And for all the music enthusiasts out there, I’m sure they have seen most of the musical instrument apps in the App Store. You may have also noticed that they don’t really have their own categories. You may have come across the Music and Entertainment apps alongside what seems like a great number of “fart-and-burp” themed efforts.

To group the decent musical apps from some less desirable items, the team has made a list of awesome iPhone apps that provide some of the best musical experience on your mobile device.

So, whatever you’re looking for—whether you want to learn how to shake, tap, hum, or strum, here are some of the cool stuff that can definitely entertain and could possibly enhance your skills. Some of these items only cost 2$ or maybe less. So why not call up your friends and make a band?

  1. Virtuoso Piano Free 2

There are various piano apps available at the App store, but this one is my best bet because it’s the simplest version. It provides good quality sound emulating concert grand piano, download this and you’ll be tickling the virtual ivories in no time!

  1. Bebot – Robot Synth

I’m telling you folks, this is not just a gimmick app! This robot synth features a fuly-fledge real-time synthesizer! Yup, that’s right, and it really becomes handy with electro-music skills if you’re looking to glean a bit of robot effect.

  1. Harmonica

Yes, the looks are clean with that fabulous interface. You can choose from 12 keys and in “free play’ mode, the touch of a large button turn a blown note into a drawn one!

  1. Pocket Guitar

If you can manage to get fix your fingers around the average fret board, then this won’t be really hard for you to pick up. With a few guitar sound selections, you will definitely enjoy this app!

  1. Pocket Shaker

Despite the bad reviews in the App Store, I think Pocket Share is an amazing app. It also produces quality percussion sounds that can enhance your masterpiece.

These are just some of the best music instruments you can enjoy from your mobile phone. What are you waiting for? Download them now!


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