Solar Panels Enhance Sound Waves and Vice Versa

There is a study saying that you can enhance your music or the sound vibrations by utilizing the solar panels. And according to new research, and some music artists, it performs better that classical.

Scientists and music enthusiasts discover that high pitched sounds like those common in pop and rock music caused one of the best modifications in the solar cells’ power output, which can improve it up to 40%. On the other hand, classical music, with generally lower pitched sounds, still can get modified the cell’s output, but not as much.

In addition, the experimental projects also show that there is more possibility that a wider range devices empowered with solar energy at present can enhance the efficiency of solar cells using the ambient, or background, noise present in different mode settings.

Researchers from Imperial College London and Queen Mary University of London has already published this study in the journal Advanced Materials. During the process, they also discovered that sound labelled as low as 75 decibels could actually modify the performance of the solar cells tested in the research.

Some of the modifications for this research could include solar powered air conditioning units, desktop computers, laptops, and other electronic appliances on buses, trains, and other vehicles.

Just recently, scientists shown that utilizing pressure or strain to some components could make a voltage in the material, also known as the piezoelectric effect. In the same research, they discovered that production of piezoelectric material, zinc oxide nanorods, into the solar cells can also improve their efficiency when sound waves were played.

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