Evolution of Music: Hardware vs. Software

And now for another debate regarding the advancement of music, Q’Tee discusses some strong points regarding the topic. In this video, they have discussed the pros and cons about the evolution of Hardware and Software and how it changed the music scene. Gappy of GAM productions also participated in this debate as they both have been in the industry for more than 20 years now. And according to them, computers were commonly used in music. Watch the video below:

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5 Musical Instrument Apps for iPhone

The best thing about having an iPhone is that app-makers and developers always have something new to offer. And for all the music enthusiasts out there, I’m sure they have seen most of the musical instrument apps in the App Store. You may have also noticed that they don’t really have their own categories. You may have come across the Music and Entertainment apps alongside what seems like a great number of “fart-and-burp” themed efforts.

To group the decent musical apps from some less desirable items, the team has made a list of awesome iPhone apps that provide some of the best musical experience on your mobile device.

So, whatever you’re looking for—whether you want to learn how to shake, tap, hum, or strum, here are some of the cool stuff that can definitely entertain and could possibly enhance your skills. Some of these items only cost 2$ or maybe less. So why not call up your friends and make a band?

  1. Virtuoso Piano Free 2

There are various piano apps available at the App store, but this one is my best bet because it’s the simplest version. It provides good quality sound emulating concert grand piano, download this and you’ll be tickling the virtual ivories in no time!

  1. Bebot – Robot Synth

I’m telling you folks, this is not just a gimmick app! This robot synth features a fuly-fledge real-time synthesizer! Yup, that’s right, and it really becomes handy with electro-music skills if you’re looking to glean a bit of robot effect.

  1. Harmonica

Yes, the looks are clean with that fabulous interface. You can choose from 12 keys and in “free play’ mode, the touch of a large button turn a blown note into a drawn one!

  1. Pocket Guitar

If you can manage to get fix your fingers around the average fret board, then this won’t be really hard for you to pick up. With a few guitar sound selections, you will definitely enjoy this app!

  1. Pocket Shaker

Despite the bad reviews in the App Store, I think Pocket Share is an amazing app. It also produces quality percussion sounds that can enhance your masterpiece.

These are just some of the best music instruments you can enjoy from your mobile phone. What are you waiting for? Download them now!


Keyboard Synthesizer Tips for Beginners

Keyboard synthesizer is one of the most advanced music equipment designed by innovators. It has a lot of new awesome features allowing anyone to create good music. For beginners, this may seem a bit complicated, so we have prepared some tips for you. Read on.

  1. A lead synth sound requires to carefully tested and “tuned up” the sonic space in which it’s set. Take into consideration how leveled the bandwidth of a lead guitar is. As much as possible, control the frequency of the sound you produce; or else, the whole piece can get masked by other unnecessary audio. You may need to make adjustments every time you add or tune up for better harmony. Again, diversity and consistency are the main keys whatever genre you’re trying to make.
  2. Always consider the approach and level you’re making. This should gives tactile feedback to the network. Percussive or not, you have to make sure you’re making the right flow. This is where you have to choose which notes to leave out. Everything should develop interest on the velocity axis, which is very critical when using keyboard synthesizer. For instance, if you’re making a simple-based note, you can modulate the sample start time using the velocity. This is where you can adjust the prominent attack transient.
  3. In relation to the attack, legato, or solo mode, make sure you go for desirable leads. The player should provide more articulation options by modifying the legato playing technique, which also determines the tone of your masterpiece.

These are some of the basic things you should know when using keyboard synthesizer. For more information, you can watch the video below.



How has technology changed the music industry?

In this video, Big Thing productions has discussed the topic about the technology changing the music industry. It was published on April 23, 2012, which only shows that music enthusiasts and innovators have predicted this changes caused by technological advancement for a long time.


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Building a Music Room

I suppose most of you have been paying for rehearsal spaces, but not really satisfied with their services. This is why we have interviewed some bands who decided to construct their own rehearsal space instead of wasting money for nothing. As they say, they prefer making music in a windowless room with drywall inside of an empty warehouse space in isolated part of town, rather than paying an amount of money for nothing.

So, for those who decide to create their own music room, you can follow these tips below:

Find the best spot

The first thing you need to consider when building your own studio is the area where you can build it. At this point, you should take into consideration how loud you’re going to be—especially if you have a complete drum set. Find out how you can execute a viable soundproofing for the area.

For some, converting a garage in your yard can be the most convenient option while it provides a decent amount of space inside after sound proofing, with minimal noise getting away. Of course, a room inside a house or flay may be impossible to soundproof completely—doable, but not impossible.

Let there be light

As every working or functional room requires, natural light can be a huge factor in people’s productivity. Without it, it can make the area look like a prison cell. The problem with most people is they just block the windows as if it’s the only option they have to make a soundproofing room. For this, I suggest installing a combination of a single double glazed unit with no opening windows and a sheet of acoustic glass.

Hire a reputable construction firm

While some DIY projects can actually work, it is always better to hire a reputable contractor to work with your project. As much as possible, choose the one with experience constructing auditory rooms. They should be able to come up with the best plan, especially when modifying the soundproofing system.

Solar Panels Enhance Sound Waves and Vice Versa

There is a study saying that you can enhance your music or the sound vibrations by utilizing the solar panels. And according to new research, and some music artists, it performs better that classical.

Scientists and music enthusiasts discover that high pitched sounds like those common in pop and rock music caused one of the best modifications in the solar cells’ power output, which can improve it up to 40%. On the other hand, classical music, with generally lower pitched sounds, still can get modified the cell’s output, but not as much.

In addition, the experimental projects also show that there is more possibility that a wider range devices empowered with solar energy at present can enhance the efficiency of solar cells using the ambient, or background, noise present in different mode settings.

Researchers from Imperial College London and Queen Mary University of London has already published this study in the journal Advanced Materials. During the process, they also discovered that sound labelled as low as 75 decibels could actually modify the performance of the solar cells tested in the research.

Some of the modifications for this research could include solar powered air conditioning units, desktop computers, laptops, and other electronic appliances on buses, trains, and other vehicles.

Just recently, scientists shown that utilizing pressure or strain to some components could make a voltage in the material, also known as the piezoelectric effect. In the same research, they discovered that production of piezoelectric material, zinc oxide nanorods, into the solar cells can also improve their efficiency when sound waves were played.

Popular Mobile Music Apps for Smartphone Users

If you would look at the big picture, there are actually not less than a million different music apps between Google Play and the App Store. Well, we can only estimate, and based on our own research, there are just over a million of music apps. So, for smartphone users, congratulations—you have an access to just about any type of music program beyond imaginable—from online radio and streaming music videos to auto tunes, portable DJ mash-up stations and instrumental modifications.

The only downer is that your smartphone may have a limited amount of space. So it might be impossible to download the entire gazillion mobile applications—as of yet. This is why we came up with this shortlist of the best music application available for Android and iOS.

Disclaimer: This is just a random list.

  1. Songza

The coolest thing about the Songza is that the mood sets the music. This app features high-quality audio spanning with various genres and also enables the user to choose from different of both popular and underground stations based on the time of day, specific scenario—whether you’re working out, driving, studying, or whatever activities you have.

  1. Rdio

With over 35 million tracks and unlimited music streaming, you can definitely enjoy updating your playlist from classic hits and new releases from all your favorite artists and bands. You can also subscribe o different channels, artists, and taste makers. Share you special playlist with friends, and download your favorite songs for offline mode.

  1. Google Play Music

As most of us know, this apps offers a full access to your cloud-based music collection on the go. This “neat” music app is in-lined with customized playlists and top pick radio stations. It also features smart recommendations based on your individual taste and prior listening habits.

  1. Spotify

Spotify still holds the most popular music app worldwide even it requires $10 monthly subscription fee. This boasts the same functionality as its desktop counterpart. It enables the user to stream single tracks, entire albums, listen to different shared playlist and create your own playlist as well. You can also download the tracks for offline listening.